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::: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana is a private higher education institution founded in 1623. It is one of the oldest and most traditional Colombian universities, directed by the Society of Jesus, with its main facilities in Bogotá and a sectional division in Cali. It is part of the 31 universities entrusted to the Society of Jesus in Latin America, and one of the 114 in the entire world.

Due to the high quality of its academic offer, Javeriana University was the first higher education institution in the country to be awarded Institutional Accreditation by the Colombian Ministry of Education.

General Features: The University in Bogotá has 19.000 undergraduate students and 4.300 graduate students, 4.000 Faculty staff and 1.500 administrative employees. It has 18 Schools comprising 191 academic programs catering to different areas of knowledge, giving the university its multidisciplinary nature. It offers 38 undergraduate programs, 73 professional specializations, 39 medical and surgical specializations, 33 masters and 8 PhD's.


  • Architecture and Design
  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Environmental and Rural Studies
  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Dentistry
  • Economics and Business Administration
  • Education
  • Political Science and International Relations
  • Social Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Arts
  • Communication and Language
  • Philosophy
  • Law
  • Canon Law
  • Theology


The main research areas of Javeriana University are: Natural Sciences, Social and Human Sciences, Health Sciences and Engineering. The University runs an average of 120 research projects per year. It has 123 research groups highly ranked before the National Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation (COLCIENCIAS) for their quality and productivity. It is considered among the best research universities in Colombia for having the largest number of research groups ranked within the two top research categories, and for having the most indexed journals.

Besides that, Javeriana University participates in 3 National Excellence Research Centers: CIEBREG (Biodiversity and Genetics); CEIBA (Interdisciplinary Research on Complex Systems) and GEBIX (Genomics and Bioinformatics).

Javeriana University has 14 institutes responsible for research and consultancy in areas requiring an interdisciplinary approach:

  • Institute for the Conservation of Architectural and Urban Patrimony
  • Human Development Institute
  • Geophysics Institute
  • Human Rights and International Relations Institute
  • Environmental Studies for Development Institute
  • Town Planning and Housing Institute
  • Social and Cultural Studies Institute
  • Aging Institute
  • Bioethics Institute
  • Health Promotion Institute
  • Human Genetics Institute
  • Inborn Errors of Metabolism Institute
  • Development Policy Institute
  • Rural Studies Institute


Javeriana University has established more than 300 multilateral and bilateral agreements with higher education institutions in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Oceania for undergraduate, master and doctoral programs. Up to now the University has implemented 10 double degree programs with higher education’s institutions in Europe, Australia and Latin America in the fields of Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Design, Economy, Business Administration, Philosophy and Law.


  • Double Degree Awards for Undergraduate, Master and Doctoral programs
  • Co-tutorship of PhD thesis - Cotutele, and Research Internships/Fellowships
  • Joint Research Projects and participation for international calls
  • Provide tailor made Study Tours, Summer Programs, and Spanish Intensive Language Programs
  • Undergraduate and graduate student exchange
  • Professional and social internships
  • Visiting professors and faculty exchange



Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
City: Bogotá
Phone: +57 (1) 320-8320 Ext. 2728
Address: Carrera 7 No. 40-90, Ed. Emilio Arango, S.J. Piso 6