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Universidad del Rosario was founded in 1653, and since then has made its best efforts to impart a solid ethical, humanistic and scientific education, which combined with research and a demanding and rigorous faculty, allows the educational community to develop distinguished citizens who act in benefit of the society, with a strong sense of responsibility. 31 presidents of Colombia have studied in its classrooms and so far, the Universidad del Rosario keeps its prestigious accreditation by the Ministry of Education as a top leading and high quality institution in Colombia. By 2012 Universidad del Rosario is included in the top 5 group of 23 institutions that has its accreditation for more than 8 years.


  • Faculty of Management
  • Faculty of Political Science and Government
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • Faculty of Economy
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Foreign Affairs
  • School of Human Sciences
  • School of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Alumni Affairs and Development Deanship.


Universidad del Rosario foster its research with more than 150 lines of investigation and 25 groups acknowledged by the Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation (National Ministry of Education) which has highlighted quality through high standard assessments giving to the institution A1 status to 8 research centers: Center of Political and International Studies, Research Group on Corporate Sustainability, Research Group on Economy, Research Group on Basic Medical Sciences, Research Group on Human Rights, Research Group on Public Law, Research Group on Neuroscience and the Research Group on Cellular and Molecular Biology. Other Research Centers included in status “A” are, Group on Identity Studies, Groups of Social Studies of Sciences, Technology and the Professions, Group of Studies on Behavioral Sciences, Clinic Research Group, Research Group on Rehabilitation and Social Integration of Disabled Persons and the Research Group on Public Health.


In regards with the international courses, the internationalization strategic axis offers nowadays different exchange programs to students, teachers and staff to universities in Europe, Asia and Latin America. There are more than 130 academic agreements signed within this geographical scope. Outstanding outcomes from and these programs are presented in programs with Université Paris I Pantheón-Sorbonne, The Institute of Political Studies Bordeaux and Tilburg University (Tilburg Law School). In addition to this exchange programs, the institution has signed Double Degree agreements, academic tours and internships.
In the other hand, incidence in the community is expressed and materialized in the extension actions with a relationship between the university, private companies and government which is understood within the context of University Social Responsibility. Proof of this has been the experience with extension-research projects that have had a high impact most of them in the local region but many distributed nationwide too.


Teaching, Research and Extension are priority functions. According to these priorities the institution works permanently in academic strengthening, rosarist community and identity consolidation, university internationalization and also in strengthening support services and financial management optimization.


Universidad Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario
City: Bogotá
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