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De La Salle Universities were established through the legacy of St. John Baptist De La Salle and the Christian Brothers teaching order, which was founded 325 years ago. La Salle is an educational community shaped by traditional Catholic and Lasallian values: a deep respect for each individual, a belief that intellectual and spiritual development goes hand-in-hand, a passion for creative teaching and learning, and a conviction that education should be useful—for personal growth, professional advancement, and service to others. Currently, the lasallian community makes presence in about 82 countries worldwide, one of those in Bogota - Colombia. Universidad de La Salle – Bogotá was established on November 15, 1964. It is a private and nonprofit Higher Education Institution.


Our mission is the comprehensive education and the creation of knowledge to contribute to the social and productive transformation of our country. Thus, we actively participate in the construction of a fairer society and of peace, through the education of professionals who, based on their knowledge, values, team work capacity, social sensibility and sense of belonging to a country included in a globalized world, are able to contribute to the search for equity, the defense of life, the construction of national identity and the commitment towards a comprehensive and sustainable human development.


The total University student body is of 14.520 undergraduate students and 740 graduate students. Most students come from the different regions in Colombia and some international students come from South American countries mainly, but it certainly has students from the U.S.A., Europe and Asia. It has eight Research Centers with the I+D formula (Investigation + Development) to promote scientific and technological activities.

La Salle – Colombia has eight schools with the following undergraduate programs:

  • Administration and Accounting (Business Administration, Accounting)
  • Agricultural Sciences (Veterinary Medicine, Zootecnics-Animal husbandry-, Agronomic Engineering, and Agricultural Business Administration)
  • Economics & Social Sciences (Economy, Social Work, Finances and International, Business and International Relations, and Trade and Librarianship and Archives Studies)
  • Education (B.A. in Spanish, English and French and B.A. in Religious Education)
  • Engineering. (Environmental Eng., Civil Eng., Food Eng., Automation Eng., Industrial Eng. and Electrical Eng.)
  • Habitat Sciences (Architecture, Urbanism)
  • Health Sciences (Optometry)
  • Philosophy and Humanities (Philosophy)

In 2008, Universidad de La Salle – Colombia was recognized with High Quality Accreditation –among the best 20 universities in the Country- by the Ministry of National Education and in 2009 was accredited with the certification ISO 9001:2008.


Professional aspect: scientific and technical education based on research, innovation and knowledge transfer; social responsibility and commitment; entrepreneur strength; high quality education; human values; regional development.


The VRIT is an academic-administrative unit which main actions are aim at: Consolidating a University that learns based on research; Contributing to dynamic research in the University; Implementing better practices and tools for research; Creating opportunities for projects and consultancy on research; Strengthening and articulate the University with the external parties in nets related to knowledge.

VRIT'S Research Centers:

  • High Complexity Instrumental Laboratory
  • La Salle Institute of Advanced Research - ISIA
  • CIMRA: Research Center on Medicine and Animal Reproduction
  • CISAHE: Research Center on the Interrelation between Animal, Human and Ecological Health
  • CIINDA: Research Center on Innovation and Agro-Alimentary Development
  • CIDESCAC: Research Center on Sustainable Development and Climate Change
  • CIHDEP: Research Center on Habitat, Development and Peace
  • CTAD: Cross-Curricular Center for the Alternativity of Development
  • CIMAS: Research Center on Environment and General Health -Visual and Ocular-
  • CIEP: Research Center on Education and Pedagogy


La Salle has established internationalization as one of its main priorities. Due to this, the International Affairs Office (IAO) promotes academic and scientific exchange to make collaboration successful. This office is in charge of:

  • Internationalizing La Salle – Bogotá D.C.
  • International Cooperation between La Salle with other allies. (Public, Private, NGOs, IOs, etc).
  • General Cooperation Agreements.
  • National and international mobility of students, staff and lectures. (Internships, double degree programs, academic semesters, etc).
  • Scholarships for undergraduates and graduates programs.
  • International projects and language programs.
  • Networking.

The IAO also provides advisory and assistance to International Students in:

  • Accommodation.
  • Legalization of their migration status with the Colombian authorities*.
    *Please be aware that International students must arrive with a student visa and an international health insurance.


Universidad de La Salle
City: Bogotá
Phone: +57 (1) 348-8000 Ext. 1107
Address: Carrera 5 No. 59A - 44, Ed. Hno. Fabio Gallego Arias