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The UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE COLOMBIA was founded by the Law 66, issued in 1867 by the Congress of the Republic. As University of the Nation, it promotes equitable access to the Colombian education system; provides the largest offer of academic programs, educating competent professionals with social responsibility. It contributes to build a Nation’s project, studying and enriching the cultural, natural and environmental heritage of the country. Also it is an adviser institution for the country in the scientific, technological, cultural and artistic fields, with academic and research autonomy.

Under the multi-campus model, the UN provides opportunities for access to education throughout the country. It brings together Colombia's diversity while boosting diverse local strengths with the aim of promoting scientific, technological, educational, cultural and artistic development as an effective response to regional demands.


  • 39.314 undergraduate and 7439 postgraduate students
  • 94 undergraduate academic programs
  • 341 postgraduate academic programs. In Colombia, 43.9% of master's and 67.6% of Ph.D. programs are offered by the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
  • 22 faculties in the areas of engineering, architecture, urbanism; social and human sciences; health sciences; mathematics and sciences; agronomy and veterinary; economy, administration, accounting and related; fine arts; and educational sciences.
  • 73 departments
  • 29 schools
  • 62 centers and institutes of investigation (9 inter-faculties)
  • 654 laboratories
  • 10 extension program centers
  • 22 libraries
  • 2 botanical gardens
  • 1 center of maritime research
  • 13 museums
  • 3 Astronomical observatories
  • 1 Musical conservatory
  • 8 athletic venues
  • Unimedios (communications media unit)
  • UN Editorial (publishing house)


The UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE COLOMBIA is the institution with greater presence in the quality of research, in the national context. Of the total groups in the country categorized by Colciencias, the UN holds the 35% of the better categorized ones.


Through actions carried out in partnership with the national government, the private sector and the international community, the University projects itself as a modern institution that helps to coordinate Colombia’s immersion in the global information society while fulfilling international standards.

Facing the challenge that this represents, the UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE COLOMBIA is committed to boosting its strengths, implementing alternatives to its weaknesses and leveraging initiatives by researchers, instructors and students through diverse forms of international association linked to technical, financial, educational and cultural cooperation, in the following areas:

Training and education

The UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE COLOMBIA conceives education as an essential factor for development that promotes achievement of the country's challenges in a globalized context stimulated by international competitiveness. In this framework, the University proposes to strengthen the quality of public education and to achieve national and international recognition and influence through the following actions:

  • Improving the pedagogical capacities of the University’s teaching staff.
  • Implementing mechanisms for follow-up and evaluation of educational programs that promote continuous improvement.
  • Incorporating students, faculty and researchers in worldwide dynamics of higher education, to enable them to exchange knowledge and experiences while developing joint initiatives on behalf of national and international development.
  • Promoting learning and improvement of English and other foreign languages through specific and strategic actions among undergraduates and graduate students as well as teachers.
  • Strengthening the University's National System of Scholarships on behalf of low-income students who belong to indigenous and Afro descendent groups, as well as the best students at all educational levels.

Science, technology and innovation

In an information society that is increasingly internationalized, the purpose of the UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE COLOMBIA is to increase scientific research and technological development in the following strategic areas that foster the country's economic and social development.

  • Environment and biodiversity
  • Agricultural sciences and rural development
  • Organizational, economic and industrial development
  • Resources, minerals and materials
  • Construction of citizenship and social inclusion
  • Health and life
  • Biotechnology
  • Energy Information and communications technologies
  • Habitat, city and territory

Art and culture

The UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE COLOMBIA aims to promote culture and art as practices to foster social cohesion and development in the country. Through a focus involving artistic and cultural diversity on the national and international stages, the university proposes:

  • To promote and strengthen institutional cultural and artistic projects that involve opportunities for dissemination, enjoyment, critical reflection and theoretical training.
  • To promote artistic and cultural transference at the national and international levels, as an educational mechanism.
  • To introduce the cultural and artistic capacity required by the University as a factor for success in the country’s projects, which brings together and addresses the expectations of the diverse sectors of society.

Institutional strengthening

The UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE COLOMBIA aims to develop a modern and efficient academic and administrative system, based on decentralization and committed participation by its constituents. To achieve this objective, the University proposes the following actions:

  • To implement processes of maintenance, adaptation, equipping and modernization of the University's physical and virtual infrastructure.
  • To strengthen the skills of its administrative personnel.
  • To promote the creation of university campuses in national territories not currently covered by the multi-campus infrastructure, particularly in the border territories.
  • To implement an infrastructure of networks to support the services required by the University in the field of information and communications technologies.


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