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::: Universidad Santo Tomás

Universidad Santo Tomás was the first university founded in Colombia in 1580 by Dominican Priests, a catholic community with humanist, preaching, social and educative vocation. Our institution aims at promoting the integral formation on people, at higher education level, through actions and processes of teaching-learning, research and social projection. Thus, students can meet ethically, creatively and critically the requirements of human life and they are able to provide solutions to the needs and problems of the country.

It is qualified with a High Quality Certificate issued by the Ministry of Education, through official decree Number 9264, October 18, 2011. It was the first university which certified its academic processes through ISO 9001 certification and whose system of quality management extends this recognition to other processes. Most of its undergraduate programs have High Quality Certificate. Nowadays, its principal branch offers 20 undergraduate programs, 26 of specialization, 15 of Master and 3 of PhD; and in distance programs, in 27 cities of the country, there are 21 undergraduate programs and 5 specializations. Additionally, the University has branches in Bucaramanga, Tunja, Medellin and Villavicencio.

The main branch, Bogotá, has got several faculties gathered on Dean Office Division by common disciplines:

  • Human Sciences: Law, Philosophy, Government and International Relations
  • Economic and Managerial Sciences: Business Administration, Accounting, Economics, Statistics, Marketing, and International Business
  • Social Sciences: Social Communication, Sociology and Graphic Design
  • Health Sciences: Physical Culture and Psychology
  • Engineering : Environmental, Civil, Electronic, Mechanical, Telecommunication
  • Theological Sciences: Theology

In Electronic Engineering the Group of Robotics has settled nationally and abroad. In 2011, this group won for the fourth time the Latin American contest of Robotics against well-known universities from Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia; this gave students the chance to participate in behalf of Colombia in the World-Wide Contest of Robotics, held in Turkey in 2011 and they will be also able to participate in 2012.

Universidad Santo Tomás is the first to offer in Colombia the Telecommunication engineering program, which has had for 15 years high profile in the area of digital and wireless communications in the country. A great deal of alumni work for International communication companies.

Social Communication students reached the first and second prize nationally in the category of audiovisual, in the first Edition of ETECOM Telefónica Colombia 2011 awards. One of the groups was acknowledged as the best Latin American work.


Universidad Santo Tomás (USTA) has got the Research Unit, that is in charge of: the development and fostering of scientific and technological research, printed and on-line printing and the research centers from the faculties. Among these groups, we can find: CICOP, from Accounting, CICUF, Physical Culture, CIES, Statictics, Francisco de Vitoria-CIFRAVI, Louis Joseph Lebret, Fray Bartolomé de las Casas.

The research findings and issues have been awarded with the prize SciatVtServiat , awarded by The Federation of Catholic Universities FIUC because of its scientific, institutional and social commitment at the service of displaced population in Colombia. This prize is awarded every three years, and was awarded because of the International research “Communities Displacement”, which was carried out in several Latin American and Asian countries. The active research groups have got acknowledgement and status by Colciencias.


The University’s national and international portfolio offers different courses, according to the disciplines of each academic program or faculty. Acknowledgement by Cisco Networking Academy as one of the best Cisco academies in Colombia.


The USTA belongs to several International academic associations such as: AIESAD ( IberoAmerican Asociation of Higher distance education), AUIP (IberoAmerican University Grade Association), CLADEA ( Latin American Council of Management Schools), COMIUCAP ( World-Wide Conference of Catholic Universities), CREAD (Network Consortium of Distance Universities), FIUC, (International Federation of Catholic Universities), OUI (Interamerican University Organization), ODUCAL (Organization of Latin American Catholic Universities), UDUAL (Union of Latin American Universities), and CARTA MAGNA UNIVERSITATUM.


The internationalization is a priority in the University’s General Development Plan, and it is considered as one of the core strategies to strengthen its main functions: teaching, research and social projection. Among its primary goals, it is sought to increase the academic mobility, the foreign language development, strengthening of Visiting teachers and keeping increasing the number of academic programs with double degree. The University keeps its process of offering different courses of foreign language and Spanish as a foreign language and it develops an active role in both in international and national academic networks.



Universidad Santo Tomas
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