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::: Colombian Institute for Education and Technical Studies Abroad – ICETEX

Contact information:

President: Marta Lucía Villegas Botero

Director of International Relations: Ruby Stella Montaño Fajardo


Institutional Information

The Colombian Institute for Education Credit and Technical Studies Abroad (ICETEX, for its Spanish acronym) is a specialized financial institution that promotes higher education by combining its own and third party funds to provide educational loans to study abroad  While it is bound to the Ministry of National Education, it is administratively autonomous, and has its own budget.

By law, ICETEX, administers scholarships for Colombians offered by foreign governments, international organizations and foreign higher education institutions. These are non reimbursable scholarships that totally or partially cover educational expenses for Colombian citizens abroad.

In reciprocity, ICETEX, offers scholarships for postgraduate studies to foreign students coming from sponsoring countries with the purpose of building and encouraging the internationalization of Colombian education, and increasing the number of foreign researchers and students who see our educational system as an excellent opportunity to further their education. Likewise, ICETEX and Colombian universities finance the participation of international experts who contribute to postgraduate programs and thereby promote higher education in Colombia.

Over the past 4 years ICETEX has financed transportation or expenses for about 1,200 foreign scholars, coming from different parts of the world as part of the Visiting Professors Program. Visiting professors have contributed to the internationalization of Colombian higher education, by supporting diverse research projects and have generated significant opportunities for academic mobility. 

Similarly, ICETEX leads the Languages Assistantship Program which is developed in partnership with different institutions and governments to foster bilingualism. This is done by improving the teaching of a variety of languages in Colombia and of Spanish in other countries.