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Founded on May 4, 1960 to respond to the academic demands of future generations, Universidad EAFIT coordinates two of its strategic focal points – academics and research – to strengthen its undergraduate and graduate programs. It currently has five schools with 19 undergraduate degree programs, around 49 graduate certificate programs in Medellín and other cities, 16 Master’s degree programs and 2 PhD programs.


  • Management
  • Economy and Finance
  • Engineering
  • Sciences and Humanities
  • School of Law


EAFIT’s agenda of plans, projects and programs aimed at generating knowledge and, in a much larger sense, to finding solutions to the problems of the region and country, involves 41 research groups, 40 of them recognized by Colciencias in the A1, A, B, C and D categories.

The goal of EAFIT’s research The The goal of EAFIT’s agenda is to consolidate the institution’s investigative capacity and facilitate efforts that lead to pertinent and visible results. Thanks to the work of those groups, the university has been awarded five utility model patents and two invention patents, while two other patents are in the process of being granted.


Continuing Education

The Continuing Education Center provides training and skills upgrading to professionals and the public at large through programs that meet the needs of professionals in a particular area as well as an organization’s specific objectives. Through short programs such as conferences, symposiums, seminars, as well as degree programs with a more intensive schedule, the center offers training in more than 70 knowledge areas.

The institution’s different academic departments work in conjunction with this center to respond to the daily needs of the surrounding community.

Summer School

The Summer School, which is held each year between June and August, is intended as an academic and cultural space that offers academically challenging courses (both credit and non-credit) to children, adolescents and adults from Medellin and other parts of the world, giving them the chance to study alongside other participants while gaining exposure to the city’s culture and history.

Spanish program for foreigners

The Spanish Program for Foreigners is a language acquisition program designed especially for people interested in developing the ability to communicate in this language. It has an experience of over 15 years and has international recognition of its participants, or institutes, such as Cervantes in Spain. The program receives over 500 students a year and during its career students from over 60 different nationalities have participated, becoming in one of the Spanish programs for Foreigners with greater recognition and growth in Colombia.


Universidad EAFIT’s mission is to contribute to the country’s social, economic, scientific and cultural development through undergraduate and graduate programs that mold globally competent individuals within a framework of ideological pluralism and academic excellence, as well as through scientific and applied research carried out in permanent interaction with the private sector, government and academia.

Inspired by the highest spiritual values, respectful of human dignity and aware of its social responsibility, Universidad EAFIT aspires to be recognized both nationally and internationally for its academic and research achievements and for: Having an open and democratic institutional culture and an environment that promotes the fullest development of its students, where differences are celebrated and cultural expression coexists alongside the task of learning, where academic debate takes precedence, different ideas and opinions are expressed in a spirit of mutual respect and the creativity and productivity of all members of the community are encouraged; Developing the intellectual capacity of students and professors in all academic programs, relying on research as a basic foundation; Using advanced technologies and a student-centered pedagogical model; Maintaining ties with other educational institutions –both at home and abroad– to ensure the continual improvement of our university’s professors and programs; Contributing to the nation’s progress with innovative research programs and professionals whose academic training is grounded in fundamental human values and respect for democracy and free private initiative in particular; Featuring an academic administration the institution’s human talent and resources toward achieving its objectives.



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