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Universidad del Norte (Uninorte) is a private, non-profit, higher education institution founded in 1966 in the Caribbean Coast region of Colombia. Uninorte provides a unique learning environment in a modern wireless campus with all the resources and laboratories required to pursue academic and personal interests in every field. We are a fully accredited university that encourages scholarly research and creativity of faculty and over 11.700 students at the undergraduate and graduate level. We posses high quality undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs that develop competence and success.

Uninorte is an innovative and forward-looking university, recognized as the most outstanding institution of higher learning in the Atlantic Region of Colombia. Recently, our College of Engineering received an acknowledgement which is unique in Colombia: we are proud to be the 3rd University in Latin America to receive an ABET, Inc. accreditation for all of our undergraduate engineering programs: Civil Engineering, Systems Engineering, Electric Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. ABET Inc. is the most recognized Engineering Accreditation Commission in the world, with headquarters in Baltimore MD., United States.


“Uninorte en Verano” is an institutional program that emerged in 2007 as a strategy that enables the internationalization of the Universidad del Norte in its teaching, research and extension. “Uninorte en Verano” integrates different activities during the inter-semester period, including academic courses, workshops, seminars and cultural, artistic and recreational activities, involving professionals from several areas, students and other local and foreign participants. All these actions aim for the exchange of knowledge, culture, science, research, learning and recreation.


Our ongoing development of interdisciplinary research centers and collaboration with international academic and industrial partners encourage scholars at Uninorte to pursue research in our strategic fields: Energy (emphasis on renewable energies, energetic efficiency, and energetic policy), Global Health (emphasis on infectious diseases, chronic diseases and public health), Human Development and Quality of Life (emphasis on childhood development and education).


  • Commitment with excellence.
  • Education for leadership and entrepreneurial management.
  • Institutional ethics and integrity.
  • Sense of belonging.
  • Social commitment.
  • Promotion of individual autonomy.


  • School of Business
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Health Sciences
  • School of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • School of Law. - School f Basic Sciences
  • School in Education.
  • Music Department.
  • School of Architecture, Urbanism and Design.


International Business, Business Administration, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Systems Engineering and Computing, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Medicine, Nursing, Psychology, Mass Communication and Journalism, International Relations, Economics, Law, Political Science and Government, Mathematics, Early Childhood Education, Music, Architecture, Industrial Design and Graphic Design.


  • School of Business, Master of Business Administration, Master of Finance, Master of Marketing.
  • College of Health Sciences, Master of Epidemiology, Master of Public Health, Master of Biomedical Sciences, Master of Occupational Health, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, Neonatology , Radiology and Images, Internal Medicine.
  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Master of Social Development, Master of Psychology, Master of Communication, Master of Economics, Master of International Relations, Ph.D in Psychology, Ph.D in Social Sciences.
  • School of Law, Master of Law (Executive), Master of Law (Research).
  • School in Education, Master of Education (Executive), Master of Education (Research), Master of English Language Teaching (Executive), Master of English Language Teaching (Research).
  • College of Engineering , Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Master of Science in Electronics Engineering, Master of Science in Electric Engineering , Master of Science in Industrial Engineering, Master of Science in Systems Engineering, Master of Science in Civil Engineering, Master of Engineering Management, Master of Energy Resources, Master of Environmental Engineering, Master of Telemathics and Telecommunications, Master of Industrial Automation, Master of Process Engineering, Master of Information Technology Governance, Master of Building Acclimatization Engineering, Master of Innovation Management of Products and Industrial Machines, Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D in Industrial Engineering.
  • School of Basic Sciences, Master of Applied Statistics, Master of Mathematics, Master of Applied Physics.
  • School of Architecture, Urbanism and Design and Master in Urbanism and Land Development.



Universidad del Norte
City: Barranquilla
Phone: +57 (5) 350-9230
Address: Km 5 Antigua Vía Puerto Colombia