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::: Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira

Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira (UTP) is a Public University, founded in 1958 and accredited by the Ministry of National Education of Colombia as an institution of high quality. UTP is part of the directory of accredited universities that created the campaign COLOMBIA CHALLENGE YOUR KNOWLEDGE (www. UTP is located in Pereira, capital of Risaralda Department which is part of Colombia´s Coffee Cultural Landscape proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. UTP has around 15,000 students in undergraduate programs and 1,500 in postgraduate programs, 510 faculty members and more than 978 professors.

The Institutional aims are based on:

  • Research, innovation and knowledge transfer.
  • Technological emphasis.
  • Social responsibility and commitment.
  • Entrepreneur strength.
  • High quality education.
  • Regional development.

UTP has programs in:

  • Engineering (Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Computer Sciences, Physics Engineering).
  • Health Sciences (Medicine, Sports and Recreation, Veterinary Medicine)
  • Environment Sciences (Environmental Management)
  • Technologies (Electrical, Mechanics, Chemistry, Pre-hospital Care Technology, Sustainable Tourism Processes, Industrial Chemistry)
  • Education (Spanish and Literature, Ethnic Education and Community Development, Early Childhood Development)
  • Fine Arts (English Language, Philosophy, Music, Visual Arts)
  • Basic Sciences (Mathematics and Physics).

The UTP offers graduate programs at three different levels: 4 Doctorate’s program (Ph. D. programs); 30 Master´s degree programs and 19 “Specializations”.

The University has more than 100 research groups in different areas:

Engineering, Technology and Basic Sciences Area:

  • Human development Administration
  • Quality management and technical normalization
  • Mathematics Teaching
  • Electric engineering
  • Physical instrumentation
  • Operative investigation and Statistic with Emphasis in Production
  • Automatic systems of Production
  • Economic and Financial administration with emphasis in International Trade
  • Human and organizational development Administration
  • Engineering PhD

Medicine and Health Area:

  • Health systems Management
  • Risk management
  • Molecular biology and biotechnology

Services and facilities: Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Center, Medical Genetics Laboratory, Immediate Action and Humanitarian Aid Group and Biotechnology PhD.

Education and Social Sciences Area:

  • University Teaching and Pedagogy
  • Educative communication
  • Literature
  • Linguistic with emphasis in language and society
  • Ph.D. on Education Sciences

Environmental Sciences Area:

  • Local Environmental Management
  • Ecotechnology
  • Plant Biology

Services and infrastructure:

- Biotechnology Laboratory : plants
- Biotechnology Laboratory : natural products
- Environmental Chemistry Laboratory
- Water Analysis Laboratory
- Microbiology Laboratory
- Food Analysis and Control Laboratory
- Soils Laboratory
- Geographic Information Systems GIS Laboratory
- Historical Ecology Laboratory
- Botanic Garden

  • Environmental PhD Program.



Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira
City: Pereira
Phone: +57 (6) 313-7131
Address: La Julita - Pereira