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Founded in 1979, La Sabana is an increasingly recognized private Colombian university, both nationally and internationally, for its academic quality and human-centered education. It is a civil higher education institution, founded as a non-profit organization that has been given twice (2006-2010 / 2010-2016) the National High Quality Accreditation by Colombia’s Ministry of Education.

Its main campus is located 25 minutes away from Bogotá, the country’s capital, which makes it a healthy, natural environment and still being close to a main city’s cultural life. Its 62 hectares host 9 faculties and 2 institutes; the Octavio Arizmendi Posada library; Studium, a leading strategy for foreign languages autonomous learning, especially for English and Spanish learning; 3 hectares of sports areas; INALDE, Business School, which MBA is AMBAS’ accredited; and the University Clinic. La Sabana has 29 specialized laboratories and its Media Production Center, Bloomberg Room, Culinary Arts kitchens and LUX User Experience Laboratory (Informatics Engineering) –among others- are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Other academic units, institutes and centers: Family Studies Institute; FORUM - Postgraduate Institute; Department of Languages and Cultures; Center of Technologies for Academic Purposes; VISION-OTRI, Consulting and Knowledge Transfer; Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


La Sabana’s academic offer is constituted by 20 undergraduate programs, 39 specializations, 15 medical-surgical specializations, 12 Masters degrees and 1 PhD.

  • Undergraduate Programs in: Law, Industrial Engineering, Agroindustrial Production Engineering, Informatic Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Business Administration, Service Institutions Administration, International Business Administration, International Marketing and Logistics Administration, International Economics and Finance, Gastronomy, Social Communication and Journalism, Audiovisual Communication and Multimedia, Psychology, Early Childhood Education, Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Philosophy and Political Sciences.
  • Masters Programs in: Masters in Education, Master in Pedagogy, Master in Management and Administration of Educational Institutions, Master in English Language Teaching – Autonomous Learning Environments, Master in English Language Teaching – Self-Directed Learning (online), Masters in Process Design and Management, Masters in Information applied to Education, Masters in Business Administration, M.Sc. or M.A Operations Management, Masters in Health and Disability Psychology, Masters in Nursing, Masters in Constitutional Law.
  • PhD Program in: Biosciences (interdisciplinary program coordinated by the faculties of Engineering and Medicine)


La Sabana University has 44 research groups which work collaboratively with research groups around the world in co-researching and co-publishing, in all areas of knowledge. The list of the groups can be reviewed by area of knowledge or academic unit at

The research activity supports La Sabana’s six scientific Journals: Aquichán (Nursing), Díkaion (Law), Educación y Educadores (Education), Palabra Clave (Communication Sciences), Pensamiento y Cultura (Philosophy and Human Sciences), and Persona y Bioética (Medicine).


Besides offering 71 subjects taught entirely in English in all areas of knowledge, La Sabana offers the following international programs:

  • For Non Spanish-speaking countries, La Sabana offers two special programs: the Latin American Studies Program, in which Students from various disciplines are able to choose from a wide range of academic courses taught in English. It’s a four week program is designed to give students the chance to study in Latin America while learning the language and experiencing the culture first hand in one of Latin America’s most diverse countries: Colombia. Also, the Department of Languages and Cultures offers the Spanish Program for International Students, which allows participants the opportunity to improve their proficiency in Spanish as a foreign language in an academically challenging and harmonious environment. The student is able to choose when to begin and end the course, its intensity, purpose, and academic and extracurricular activities while at La Sabana campus.
  • International Business Summer School. Students from other countries can join this Summer School to learn about current topics on Economics, Business, Entrepreneurship, Gastronomy, Logistics, among others, in courses taught in Spanish or English by recognized international professors. Teachers from foreign universities may also apply to be lecturers in one of the 32-hour courses.


  • Research collaboration and co-publishing
  • PhD education for Faculty
  • Faculty exchange
  • Student mobility: exchange, dual degrees, academic missions, language learning and summer programs.
  • Capacity building



Universidad de la Sabana
City: Chía
Phone: +57 (1) 861-5555 Ext. 1304
Address: Campus del Puente del Común, Km 7, Autopista Norte de Bogotá