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::: Creating a Flexible and Qualifield Workforce

Regional Higher Education Centers, CERES

The strategy of CERES is to help higher education institutions reach socially or geographically marginalized areas with relevant, high quality programs. The centers make it possible to share human and financial resources, infrastructure and networks. They are conceived as an alliance between the national, departmental, and local governments and civil society, the private sector and academia, in pursuit of a common goal: to generate social and economic development in communities by facilitating access to higher education.

Project to Invigorate Technical and Technological Education 

This project links the education sector with strategic productive sectors. Partners gain access to economic resources in order to develop specific projects to ensure that academic programs develop skills and competencies that are relevant and in demand, contributing to Colombia‘s productivity and competitiveness.

National Education and Innovation Program based on the use of ICTs

This program seeks to improve education by positioning virtual education with an international vision. The strategies include: teacher training , support in creating virtual communities, technical assistance in strategic planning, the promotion of information and communication technologies, the development and use of quality digital contents, and e-learning