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::: Why study Spanish in Cali?

Cali is located on the valley of Cauca River. To the west, it is guarded by the western Andes mountain range. Because of its strategic position, very next to the pacific ocean, Cali is one of the major economic and industrial centers of the country, and the main urban, economic, industrial, and agrarian city of southwest Colombia.

Cali is the third largest city in Colombia, and one of the most important tourist destination for those who adore salsa music, and the diverse cultural offer .

Cali city is well known as “The subsidiary of Heaven” an the “Salsa capital of the world” as well.  But the truth is that between the warmth of festive people with uncanny dancing abilities who live in a place that resembles Heaven on earth to them, is a multi hued spectrum of what this city is all about:
It´s a city with a playful and hedonistic culture in harmony with the natural surroundings and country life.

Cali is an attractive prospect for any potential visitor planning on visiting the pacific coast or making journey to or from Ecuador overland, connecting with south American countries.

Its gastronomy offer, its landscapes, its monuments and its people, make of this stunning city an excellent alternative for cultural exchanges.

Cali - Spanish Course


Lectures, workshops, interactive communication classes, sessions held in city situ for authentic communication, seminars and visits to companies and production centers. Game and extra-curricular activities.


Four months.


Library, sport center.

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