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::: University-Business-Government Alliances


Modern societies have evolved from industrial to knowledge-based production. This has required a redefinition of growth and development strategies in economic and social fields. In turn, societies have developed the capabilities for generating, transferring, appropriating and using new knowledge. This has resulted in the importance of mechanisms and instruments to work together and with a focus on articulating the system.


The network of universities in Colombia has developed a strategy for promoting collaboration among university students, businesses and government sectors, denominated University-Enterprise-State Committees (CUEE, for its Spanish name), which are coordinated at the regional level. They seek to create a strong liaison among universities, enterprises and the state, to generate and promote projects that are engines of development.

The Colombian Ministry of Education has supported the creation of eight (8) partnerships by region:

  •  Caribbean Coast 
  • Bogotá and surrounding areas
  • Valle del Cauca
  • Antioquia
  • Santander and Northern Santander
  • Nariño-Cauca
  • The Coffee producing region
  • Tolima-Huila



Caribbean Coast Case: Energy Supply Management System

Partners: Technologica University of Bolívar, and Argos Cement.

Goal: To Establish structured methodologies to acheive sustainable energy consumption levels in the cement production process.

Actual outcomes: Energy profile of the plant, and joint definition of an energy reduction culturewhich is transferable to Argos’ other plants.


Bogotá and surrounding area Case: Myoelectric Prosthesis for People with Amputated Hands

Partners: Colombian School of Engineering and the Teletón Rehabilitation Clinic.

Goal: To Develop a low-cost functional prosthesis capable of providing sensorial feedback to patients.

Actual outcomes: Development of a semi-industrial optimal prototype for reducing the number of electronic cards required.


Valle del Cauca Case: Assembly of a System for Rolls Washing Water Treatment

Partners: University of El Valle, and Bico Internacional S.A. 

Goal: To reduce the environmental impact of wastes produced from manufacturing paper products, by means of a water treatment plant that uses innovative low cost technologies.

Actual outcomes: Development of an industrial prototype used in the production plant of Bico Internacional S.A.


Antioquia Case: Generating Plant of Hot Gases for Industrial Processes

Partners: University of Antioquia, Pontificia Bolivariana University, National University, and  San Cristóbal Brick Manufacturer

Goal: To Develop coal gasifier equipment  that generates a fuel to be used for brick ovens, that can be also used as biomass

Actual outcomes: Development of a test plant to generate heating gases for brick ovens


Santander Case: Experimental Field, a Great Laboratory for Real Learning


  • Industrial University of Santander, and Colombian Petroleum Company (Ecopetrol, for its Spanish acronym)
  • To develop an oil extraction field to support training, research and production of hydrocarbons

Actual outcomes: Development of an oil extraction field with five (5) wells, producing 30 barrels a day, where undergraduate and postgraduate students work alongside researchers


Nariño-Cauca Case: Strengthening Productive Chains, Aquaculture Chain in Cauca

Associates: Cauca University, Cauca Production Center, Red empresarial de Silvia Business Network, and Agropesca del Cauca.

Goal: To facilitate the access of products from the Cauca aquaculture chain in higher compensated markets

Actual outcomes: Carry out follow up (environmental management, production and management of processing plants) to producers of the aquaculture industry in Cauca, allowing their access to domestic and foreign markets.


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