Colombia Challenge your Knowledge
::: Going beyond the classroom


  • Modern universities must have social commitment. However, this commitment has to be paired with innovation and a continuous transfer of knowledge between academia and the industrial and entrepreneurial sectors, creating students, businessmen and governors with new knowledge and more extensive experience.
  • Alliances between academia, the private sector and the state is considered a catalyst for innovation, leading to improved and faster technological development, and increased competitivity.
  • Cooperation and direct dialogue between universities, private enterprises and local, regional and national governments has been a key to success in many Asian countries.
  • We would like to learn from these examples and to gain a better understanding of the dynamics between these three actors, in order to promote and develop applied research projects that can offer solutions to the increasing needs and requirements of our national productive sectors and to improve our social and economic development.
  • Our goal is to develop true cooperation and partnerships between actors, applying the experiences and lessons of joint venture.