Colombia Challenge your Knowledge
::: Our water resources are unique in the world. Let’s take care of them together!

The per capita availability of water resources in Colombia was about 45,488 cubic meters in 2007, 5.5 times the world’s average and three times the average in Latin American.

Our country has a high level of rainfall: an average of approximately 3,000 millimeters per year, of which 1,850 millimeters can be used after natural evaporation.

There is great potential in underground water sources; more than 100 Colombian municipalities currently rely on well water.

Colombia has a very unique high-altitude eco-system called paramo (moor), which holds a large quantity of organic material and neo-tropical characteristics.

The paramos (moors) act as natural regulators of water by absorbing huge amounts of water, retaining it and then releasing it to lowland regions in a continuous cycle of natural water management.

Our concern for water resources has resulted in the development of important legislation for its protection and use.

Furthermore, our research groups are developing new and innovative technologies related to water.