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::: International Achievements


    Mesoamerican Project

    El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua. Exchange of experiences; development and implementation of innovative tools.




    * Bilateral Agreement in STI

    * Join Research (rice)

    * Doctoral Training




    * STI Agreement

    * Join Research ICT, Bamboo




    * CONICYT Agreement, 19 joint projects (2005-07)




    * CNPQ Agreement. Support of 37 joint projects (2002-08)




     *Agreement: Conacyt Colciencias

     * 30 joint research projects (2005-07)




    * MinCyT Agreement

    * Member of CABBIO, Biotechnology Center (training programs member)




    European Union and Member States:

    Joint Declaration for general cooperation framework and establish a mechanism for regular bilateral consultation in STI

    * Strong relations and visibility

    * 5° Focal Point of 7 framework Program (FP7) in the Latin American region

    * Germany: Institutional Relations (funding institutions, training institutions, DFG, DAAD,

    53 joint research projects, 53 PhD students (2005-08), 50 young engineers trained in

    Germany (2007-08)

    *Spain: Institutional Agreement CSIC, 32 joint projects (2002-08)

    *France: 90 joint projects of research funded ECOS NORD (2002-08)

    *United Kingdom agreement Colciencias- British Academy

    * Switzerland: Colombia designated priority country for cooperation in Science,

    Technology and Innovation.